About Group Homes

A senior group home offers an intimate, nurturing environment where seniors can thrive among peers while getting the assistance that they need.

Personal care is not done in a group home setting. Residents are given the independence to handle their own personal care needs. Reminders are given to take medication, but residents are expected, for the most part, to manage their own needs. Activities are provided that residents may attend. Group homes offer individuals a safe, welcoming, independent, and friendly environment. 

Group Homes Services

Group homes provide its residents with a safe environment where they may find companionship. A variety of activities, both on and off-site, are offered for all residents to enjoy. Meals and laundry are both taken care of by staff. Beauty appointments and medical treatment may be available to residents as well. Group homes encourage independence for each resident, while still being there to assist with basic necessities. 

Cost of Group Homes in Arizona

The cost of a senior group home will vary, depending on the quality of the facility, location, amenities, and the size. Typically, most residents pay around $3,000 per month. However, prices can range from $1,500 to $6,000. Living in a senior group home is comparable to living in an assisted living facility. The main difference is that a senior group home holds about 5-10 residents, and an assisted living facility holds around 100 residents or more. Meal preparation, rent, utilities, amenities, and more are all included in the cost.

Paying for Group Homes

Senior group homes are usually a more flexible and affordable option than larger facilities. 

For a lot of people, paying for a senior group home will result in putting together all resources and liquidating assets. Long term care insurance will pay for residency in a senior group home for those who have purchased it. Health insurance, however, does not cover the cost of living in a group home or the medical care that is needed. It is important to create a current budget, and see what it would cost in order to live in a senior group home. A lot of people will find that once they add up all bills, it ends up being close to the cost of a senior group home. In other cases, alternative arrangements may be necessary.

Veterans may get help paying for a senior group home if they qualify for Aid & Attendance. 

Alternative Long-Term Care Options

A senior group home may not always be the perfect fit for some residents. Some people may require more extensive care, while others can live safely on their own with some assistance. 

Those who require extensive assistance with their ADLs, cannot live safely on their own, or require 24/7 monitoring should consider other options such as assisted living and skilled nursing homes. Those who are recovering from illness, injury, surgery, or who need basic assistance at home should consider home health care.